This series explores metallic materials. I am using various mixed media techniques and working with the space around it to create an organic narrative. 


In this series, I used organic materials such as cinnamon powder, coffee grinds, reused paper, and found objects. Each work has its unique organic marks which offer each work with its unique fingerprint and language. 


This series of works contains a written message incorporated in the paintings. Words that give the viewer a clue to the story of the work as a whole. 


This series of paintings are focused on parts of the human body and sexual identity . They are commentaries on the space around us and how we occupy it. 


In this series, I reconnect with myself by the process of isolation and repetitive dot marking practice. In 2020,  I realized that everything is energy, that my thoughts and the people that surround me can affect and shape my environment, and this way, creating my reality. I started playing with shifting my perspective and began to fill negative thoughts with encouraging thoughts or thoughts of compassion and forgiveness towards myself. I realized that I can control my energy and transform it to whatever I want by choosing to do more things that bring me joy. for example, creating artwork, playing music, etc. The dots represent the understanding of once consciousness and the creating of pathways in life through actions and decisions.  


In this series, I wanted to introduce vibrant energy into the work. I was experiencing a very long breakup, and I was having a hard time letting go of it. By shifting the color choice to fluorescent and bright highlights and colors,  I was able to see the work in a new light and change my perspective. Doing this allowed me to see things from a new angle and appreciate the loss and accept it as a lesson. The fluorescent colors bring a focal point to the work and give it an enthusiastic and positive energy charge. 


This series relates to my appreciation for the female form. Some of the women in this series are past lovers, and some are my muses. Women spark a light in me ever since I was a child. We, as humans have the things we are attracted to from as early as we can remember. Women have a big part of what sparks a light in me. When I was growing up, I had to hide these feelings due to the fact that in society's eyes these feelings are considered a threat to family values. How can something that comes so natural to me be wrong, how can you negate my human experience? 


I have always been fascinated by the beauty of nature, especially flowers. I believe this is because I am a Taurus earth sign. Growing up in my grandparent's house in Mexico, my grandmother always had Rosalitos (little rose plants) in her front yard. When using flowers in my work, I remember the time I spent there in Mexico. I spent a lot of time in the front and back yard and always found a way to keep myself entertained through nature and its beauty. I like keeping that memory alive by painting flowers now and then. In this series, I explore abstraction, mark-making, and mixed media.